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Various - Noise Against The Machine FLAC album


A1 K.K.F. Sich Ubergeben Bringt Segen 0:04
A2 K.K.F. Der Tote In Der Demmse 0:04
A3 K.K.F. Tötet Sindbad 0:05
A4 Violent Headache Abortion 0:06
A5 Violent Headache Money 0:04
A6 Violent Headache A.L.F. 0:04
A7 Yesmeansyes Serial Killer Mercy Nun 0:14
A8 Bizarre X I.D.K.L.D.W. Pt.2 0:06
A9 Bizarre X Nazi Cops 0:08
A10 Groinchurn Pain In The Ass 0:14
A11 Blasphemia Motheaten Teddy 0:14
A12 Noise Waste Romantized War 0:12
A13 Denak Sin Argumentos 0:14
A14 Cripple Bastards Milicija Die! 0:16
A15 Oral Climax Degredation Proceeds 0:14
A16 Futile Existence Disclosure Of Torment (Edit) 0:13
A17 Psychotic Noise Extreme 0:15
A18 Genital Masticator 3 Tracks Untitled 0:13
A19 Bizarre Uproar 13 Tracks Untitled 0:14
A20 N.C.T. Kapitalizm 1 0:04
A21 N.C.T. Nerede? 0:04
A22 N.C.T. Anarsi 0:05
A23 Noize Crumbling Company Turbomegamusicfuckers 0:10
A24 Noize Crumbling Company Music From The Dark Asshole 0:03
A25 Feces Muchers Drive By 0:13
A26 Excreted Alive Orden Social Injusto 0:16
A27 Ungasungasutyrunga Countless Tracks Untitled 0:13
A28 Strobodeath The Ill (Live) 0:15
A29 Hinfamy Death On The Shelves 0:15
A30 Squash Bowels Fuck All Problems Of This World 0:14
A31 Coniotomy Melodic Kusche 0:09
A32 Deche-Charge 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 0:17
B1 Wadge Deaden The Pain 0:11
B2 Spasm 13 0:16
B3 Sweet Noise Of Silence Censorshit 0:12
B4 OPS-PSF 3 Songs Untitled 0:09
B5 Masher Hunger 0:13
B6 Anal Massaker 2 Songs Untitled 0:12
B7 Deviate No Means No 0:13
B8 Ventilator Good Enough 0:15
B9 Ventilator Sometimes When I Drink I Want To Fuck Up The World 0:02
B10 Corpse Grinding Machine Point Of Desperation 0:18
B11 Erik Disorder 25 Tracks Untitled 0:15
B12 Noiseabundos Cielo, Mar, Cinstone! 0:13
B13 Agoraphobic Nosebleed A Good Day Starts With Death 0:14
B14 Eciton Schrei Nach Freiheit 0:13
B15 Pissed Off Orgasm I Love Being A Jerk 0:15
B16 Präparation-H Song Title Not Available 0:13
B17 Die Kaufhof-Killers 30 Songs Untitled 0:10
B18 Disgorge Shoot The Shooter 0:09
B19 Warsore Decomposed 0:15
B20 Entrails Massacre Just Friends 0:15
B21 Stg. 77 You Suffer (Napalm Death) 0:02
B22 Stg. 77 Stand To Fall 0:05
B23 XV Parówek The Ultimate Fight Against The Washing Machine 0:14
B24 Karamelisierter Mandelknusper Das Letzte 0:15
B25 Dying Mankind Animals 0:15
B26 Social Deformity Corrupted Society 0:18


A band name on the titles is spelt wrongly, it appears "Präpration-H" when it should be "Präparation-H".

Various - Noise Against The Machine FLAC album

Musician performer: Various

Title: Noise Against The Machine

Date of release: 1995

Style: Noisecore

Genre: Rock

Size FLAC: 1471 mb

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Votes: 366


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Probably nobody ever did this before … Or am I wrong?
Probably nobody ever did this before … Or am I wrong?